Holger Kinzelplanxty engineering & consulting Services GmbH i.L.

planxty engineering & consulting Services GmbH will be closed by May 1st, 2022. You can still reach me under the known contact details. Thank you very much for your business. 

is a small company located near Hannover in Northern Germany.

planxty engineering & consulting Services GmbH is based upon the experience, competencies and skills of the owner and managing director Dr.-Ing. Holger Kinzel, complemented by a widespread network of experts. Also part of  our network are sub suppliers with a wide range of products and services.This allows our clients to make flexible use of a wide variety of competencies and skills individually tailored to the specific requirements and needs, on a case-to-case and a project- to-project base. 
Since the formation of planxty engineering & consulting Services GmbH in February 2014 we have carried out a large number of interesting projects. Here you can find a list of selected references.   

 Our service portfolio includes:

  • Engineering Services
  • Assessments and Appraisals
  • Research and Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Sales Support
  • Safety and Risk Analysis
  • Staff and Team Development
  • Conflict Resolution Concepts
  • Business Mediation
  • Coaching (Individuals and Teams)
For more information or to get a proposal or a quotation, please get in touch with us:

planxty engineering & consulting Services GmbH i.L.
Dr.-Ing. Holger Kinzel, MM
Buergerhausstrasse 7
31226 Peine / Germany

Phone: +49 5171 524-83
Fax: +49 5171 524-97
Mobile: +49 172 54 66 211
Email: info@planxty.com